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Location Intelligence at a glance

Through its intuitive software, Geoblink gives you instant access to all kinds of data sources and exclusive analyses that will allow you to make decisions in seconds

Geoblink, designed with and for our clients

We have built a tool hand in hand with our clients to satisfy 100% of their business needs

Valid and valuable data Geoblink analyses and models dozens of information sources to offer you the most relevant data for your business
Easy and intuitive You do not need technical knowledge to get the most out of our tool
Time saving Time is money. With Geoblink, you begin to draw conclusions and make decisions from the first minute
Risk reduction Leave intuition aside. Reinforce your decisions with reliable and objective information

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Learn how our clients improve the daily performance of their business thanks to Geoblink

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"We will be able to grow approximately around 15% within this channel"

Lucas Martínez - Customer Developer Manager Proximity Watch video

“Thanks to Geoblink we save 2 to 4 days in making strategic decisions”

Javier Saiz - Head of Business and Consumer Insight Watch video

“The only thing I do not like about Geoblink is that my competitors get the same tool and I can lose my competitive edge.”

David Abrahams - Director of Franchises Watch video

Sqrups!, from 50 to 100 stores in 12 months

Iaki Espinosa - CEO of Sqrups! Read more

“The biggest advantage of Geoblink is the ability to use a single tool to obtain data from different sources easily, quickly and efficiently.”

Oscar García - Director of Retail Intelligence Watch video

“Geoblink helps us to know which points-of-sales areas have the highest concentrations to devote resources to those areas.”

Daniel Izquierdo - Business Intelligence Analyst Watch video

Expanding the gourmet burger business

Iván Labora - Manager of Real Estate Expansion Read more

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